[aa_subtitle_display]The most important thing to your business is your employees, as they’re the ones that work hard everyday to help you meet your goals.

Without them, your business would cease to run as it should! With that being said, it is vital that you take the appropriate measures to reduce stress in your workplace, and to do so, it is important to recognize the signs of stressed out workers.

This can be tough to do, but we have compiled the most relevant signs to look for to do so.


The Signs of Stressed Out Employees

Increased irritability

If your employees are more “irritable” than usual, this could be a sign that indicates they are more stressed out. While occasional irritability is to be expected in any workplace, if you are noticing it peaking, it is something to look into.

Strained work relationships

While we know you aim to facilitate a work culture that cultivates strong relationships among employees, if you are noticing that these are struggling, it could be a sign of stressed individuals.

If there are more conflicts among one another than usual or a decrease in a positive work culture, it is something to dig into to understand whether stress is at the root of it.

Overly emotional employees

It is virtually impossible to eliminate emotions from the workplace (or almost any situation or environment).

However, if you are observing a spike in emotional reactions or outbursts from your employees, it could be an indication of increased anxiety or pressure.

That is something to address immediately to mitigate the risk of further conflict or irrational behavior.

Increased absenteeism

When there is a spike in the number of days your employees are unexpectedly out of the office, this could be because of increased stress levels.

This is problematic because in order to maximize productivity and revenue, you need your employees to be present in the office and working at their highest-functioning and performing levels.

This cannot be done when they are too stressed to even be in the office on a normal and reliable schedule.


What to do About Overstressed Employees

Once you recognize the signs of stressed out employees, what should you do about it?

Besides enlisting in the help of a PEO to reduce the stress overall in your work environment, there are several ways to help employees relax:

Be there to listen

The first thing you should do if you are noticing an anxiety-ridden employee is to be a supportive figure and someone who will listen. Privately approach them to let them know that as a leader, you are there to help lessen the load they are carrying.

Encourage breaks

Encouraging employees to take planned time off when they need time to unwind and relax can result in reduced stress levels and lets employees know that you care. Also, encourage breaks during the workday to promote enhanced mental health.

Allow flexibility

Allowing employees flexibility in their schedule can reduce stress by bettering their work-life balance. A little bit of flexibility can go a long way in a person’s day-to-day life and can certainly ensure they are breathing easier throughout the day.

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