[aa_subtitle_display]Are your employees passionate about what they do at the workplace? Are they eager and enthusiastic? Do they contribute to the goals of the organization?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, your business is truly blessed. Congrats, you have an engaged workforce.

If not, you are facing a problem that needs to be tackled at the earliest. Most organizations that have made the mistake of ignoring this problem have had to suffer a loss of productivity and a drop in the profit levels.

As per Gallup research a whopping 70% of U.S. workers were not engaged at the workplace or were actively disengaged. This can have serious consequences not just for your business and industry but also for the entire economy.

Do not feel disheartened if you see signs of a disengaged workforce. There are many simple secrets that can help increase employee engagement.


Employee engagement has to start from the top. This is one of the most effective strategies that an organization can use to create an engaged workplace.

When employees see that the top management and managers are demonstrating the same behaviour that everyone else has to at the workplace they are motivated to pitch in. Managers need to set a good example for employees to follow.

Seek Feedback

Actively ask for inputs from the team members. Individual employees should be encouraged to approach the management and managers if they need any kind of clarification or information.

If the employees are uncomfortable about sharing their feedback, you can reach out to them so that they are heard.


All employees want to be appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. Show sincere appreciation by applauding the effort of individual employees and the team at regular intervals.

Appreciation and rewards can enable them to develop a better understanding of their job and how it is making an impact on the entire organization.


If employees feel that they are stuck at the same position and unable to make any progress they may become disenchanted with things at the workplace. They may quickly lose motivation and become disengaged.

Promoting an employee demonstrates that their efforts have been recognized and rewarded. Promotions can help improve morale at the workplace.


Managers need to be consistent in their rewards and promote initiatives. They need to treat each employee on his/her merits and not play favorites. When employees see that they are not treated fair they may start losing interest in their work.

Companies may be able to increase engagement by offering programs that are specially designed by PEO. The programs can help enhance the spirit of teamwork and increase productivity.

The tools can help ease the burden on managers and enable them to implement employee engagement programs.

The employee engagement initiatives provided by PEOs are tailored to your specific business and industry needs and this helps boost the engagement levels at the workplace. You may be able to notice the difference in the attitude of the workforce almost immediately.

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