[aa_subtitle_display]Businesses are starting to understand that the link between employee engagement and profitability is not just a theory. A comprehensive research done by Gallup has effectively proved what organizations all over the world had feared.

Organizations have seen a significant fall in employee engagement and this is not good news for anyone. The annual loss for businesses is estimated at $450 – $550 billion.

Most companies try the “one size fits all” strategy and fail miserably. This approach to employee engagement is ineffective as the levels of engagement may vary across organizations, teams, individuals and jobs.

It is not that difficult to improve employee engagement if the right initiatives are followed.

Nature of Work

The nature of an individual’s work has a clear influence on the level of engagement. The nature of work needs to be creative and exciting for the employee. The employees need to feel that the work they are doing is important for the success of the organization.

Employees need to feel proud of what they are doing and what their company is doing. When they start doing purposeful and meaningful work they feel that they are making a difference to the organization.

Career Growth Opportunities

Employees need to have equal career growth opportunities at the workplace. The training and development opportunities are important in enabling employees to engage with the company.

If organizations want the employees to perform well they need to provide them the right skills for the job. Engaged employees feel empowered and are confident of achieving all business goals of the organization.

Appreciation and Reward

Receiving appreciation and reward are important for improving employee engagement. The recognition and reward can be monetary and non-monetary. Managers need to appreciate good work done on a regular basis.

Employees feel valued when they are appreciated for the work they have done. Be genuine in appreciation as this can significantly improve engagement levels in employees.

Building Good Relationships

Good relationships between team members is important especially between manager and employee. This relationship is crucial as it can make a difference between an engaged and disengaged employee. When trust and mutual respect is built between team members and managers, it enables employees to engage productively with the organization.

Good Communication

Organizations need to communicate their values and goals to their employees and good communication is crucial in doing so. Employees need to understand their roles, so that they can contribute effectively.

The communication has to be two ways between the manager and employees. This can help in passing of quick information and feedback. When employees become part of the decision making process they work better as they are concerned with the outcome.

Companies need to understand that it takes time and effort to improve employee engagement. You can help speed up the process by utilizing PEO tools and strategies that have been designed for different types of industries.

When you start utilizing these strategies, you may see a remarkable difference at the workplace. As employees become more engaged the results will be an obvious improvement in productivity and profits.

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