[aa_subtitle_display]Sometimes referred to as “people skills”, being empathetic is an important part of being a manager or business leader and demonstrating that you truly care about your employees.

In our recent article, we discussed what it means to be empathetic and to have empathy as well as why it matters at work. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the different methods and approaches you can take to be a more empathetic manager. This will ensure happier employees and a better manager-direct report relationship overall.

Simple Ways to Display Empathy at Work

Put your point of view aside

While it can certainly be tough to do, part of being empathetic involves putting your personal viewpoint aside and looking at things through someone else’s eyes.

Whether it be while you’re helping them work through a conflict, improve on something they’re struggling with, or even discussing something more personal, exploring things from the perspective of your employee will instantly make them feel understood and supported.

Once you have successfully seen things through “their eyes” as well as you can, be sure to validate their perspective to make them feel even more understood. No one wants to hear that their point of view is wrong.

Even if you don’t necessarily agree with it, phrases like, “I understand why you see it that way…”, or “I get where you’re coming from…” convey that you are making an effort to see it their way.

Be a good listener

It is so easy to listen only to respond rather than listening to understand what someone else is saying. Simply being an attentive and close listener shows an employee a display of empathy that they are sure to appreciate.

Actively make eye contact with your employees as they speak and even take notes on what they’re saying so that you can not only truly understand what they’re saying, but can also formulate the most thoughtful and useful response possible. Doing this also helps you with the first point we made, which is to put yourself in their shoes.


Understand your own attitude and mindset

It’s possible that your own mindset needs some adjusting in order to be empathetic. If you are interacting with employees in a way that is geared towards getting the solutions and results you want and being right the majority of the time, you may need to make a change.

Yearning for openness and being naturally accepting of others is the correct mindset that will set you up to be empathetic and show your employees you care about them all the time. Reflect on this and be honest with yourself, then do what you need to to make necessary personal changes.

Change attitude

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs are there to help you navigate the world of business as it relates to human resources. They are there to ensure that your employees are as happy as possible in order to retain talent and keep your recruiting costs low. To find a PEO that will best work with your organization, give us a call to learn more.

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