Health insurance premiums keep heading for the stratosphere year after year. You might be thinking that taking the risk of no health insurance is better than draining your wallet every month. Are those your only options though – your budget or your health? 

You could look outside of traditional insurance for non-traditional alternative healthcare options. Have you considered switching to medical cost sharing yet?

Health insurance plans can be confusing and are not always an accurate picture of your financial risk. Yet, the insurance proponents say that not having health insurance is a risky, reckless gamble. You might feel irresponsible and embarrassed about going without any health protection. This pressure leads people to make hasty and irrational decisions about their health insurance. 

As premiums rise at ridiculous rates, people start to question whether having insurance is worth it at all. The popularity of alternatives to health insurance is increasing. This is making it easier than ever to quit traditional insurance to try something new. Many people have found that switching to medical cost sharing is the best choice! 

Why Do Some People Think Switching to Medical Cost Sharing is Scary? 

Insurance companies have people trained to think health insurance is the only way to protect against high medical bills. When open enrollment for health insurance comes up, you’re boxed into thinking it’s ‘do or die’. You must choose a health insurance plan during the open window. If you don’t, you’re stuck for the entire year on your own. 

But soon you realize how health insurance baffles you with an array of complex plans and coverage options. You’ll come face to face with plan designs and code words you don’t understand and math that needs a computer to decipher. The enrollment window could slam shut before you’ve had a chance to reach for a calculator. Open enrollment doesn’t seem like the most enjoyable experience, does it? 

Even after you’ve conquered open enrollment and chosen insurance, the struggles don’t end. Catastrophe hits when you go to use your insurance and you’re hit with a few nasty surprises. Things you thought were covered aren’t. The coverage you thought you were paying for isn’t what you were thinking. You’re left wondering what a waste of time and money the whole process was. 

If you decide your current insurance plan isn’t working for you, jumping to a new plan isn’t easy. Unless you change jobs you are stuck till the next open enrollment window opens again. So choosing new health insurance coverage comes down to more than just price. Every insurance policy is very different and the policies you think you know may have hidden details you won’t see unless you read the fine print. You have to spend time learning about new plans and answering the same questions every year. Is my doctor in or out-of-network? Can I go to the local hospital and be covered?  

When open enrollment comes around the next year, you just repeat the same process despite knowing it didn’t work out so well before. Why? Because most people are programmed about many things in life and health insurance is one of them. So breaking the open enrollment mold and switching to medical cost sharing can seem unorthodox. 

Why not try something different instead? Switching to medical cost sharing is a great option for affordable, accessible healthcare. 


Why Switching to Medical Cost Sharing is the Right Move

Having been around for over 35 years, medical cost sharing is a reliable alternative to insurance. Although lesser known than traditional insurance, medical cost sharing performs much the same function as insurance. Instead of trusting a profit-driven insurance company to pay your bills members count on a community for the same purpose. In fact, members of faith-based medical cost sharing communities are exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s insurance rule. 

With both options, people are paying a set amount of money every month to take care of each other’s medical bills – (one calls it a premium the other calls it a monthly share) But there is a huge difference between the two options. With insurance, you are a  policyholder, and completely at the mercy of the insurance company. They get to decide what’s paid for and what doctor you can see. With medical cost sharing, you are a member of a like-minded community. Switching to medical cost sharing means choosing community engagement over contractual control. 

There are many advantages to switching to medical cost sharing. Here are our top four reasons for making the change and switching to medical cost sharing: 


Your Choice Matters


Insurance policies bind you to in-network providers and punish you if you go out of network. You’re told where you can go and what medical care will be covered by your health insurance. Medical cost sharing frees you to choose any doctor or hospital you want. You won’t be required to go to an in-network doctor or be limited to a specific geographical region. It’s really just that simple – no networks, no limits, no kidding! 

And the best part about the focus on free choice is that you can choose to leave the medical cost sharing community at any time and go back to health insurance anytime you wish. Unlike insurance, you are not contractually bound to stick with medical cost sharing. If you can’t afford it or it just isn’t your thing anymore, you’re allowed to leave. Switching to medical cost sharing means you are not tied to a contract with rigid rules about accessing healthcare. The voluntary nature of medical cost sharing creates a welcoming invitation to access healthcare any way that suits your personal needs. 

Switching to medical cost sharing places people’s needs over the profits of a big corporation. With medical cost sharing, no shareholders are expecting to profit from sickness. No investment bankers are calling the shots on your healthcare. Switching to medical cost sharing means retaining personal autonomy over your health choices and having a large pool of resources to back you up when the bills arrive. 


There’s a Better Price Tag

Going with insurance means paying hefty monthly premiums for high deductible health coverage. But medical cost sharing operates at a substantially lower cost because it comes without the overhead and expense of a big insurance company. Switching to medical cost sharing gives you the feeling of security but not the high price. Particularly for a severe health situation that may not arise for years. Switching to medical cost sharing means saving your money so you can be prepared for a rainy day, or maybe a vacation. 

Switching to medical cost sharing gives members the ability to pay for health care needs with cash or credit card. Paying in cash allows you to negotiate lower rates from providers. This is known as “prompt-pay discounts” because doctors like cash now over health insurance payments in 90 days. This allows you to save even more money. 

Another benefit of medical cost sharing is only paying a part of your large medical bills  (the initial unshared amount) while the community reimburses the rest. This process works quickly, and frequently, the outstanding is sent before the bill is even due. By switching to medical cost sharing, you can save money and reach your financial goals faster. Plus, avoid any medical surprises that could break the bank. 

Some other ways that switching to medical cost sharing saves you money is by providing: 

  • Lower out-out-pocket expenses.
  • Lower monthly contributions. 
  • No network penalties
  • No application fee or annual fee. 


Clarity and Convenience are Key 

With an insurance policy, when you get sick is when you have to spend time figuring out what the policy covers. Health insurance policies make it easy for you to miss the tricky fine print. Even when you think you understand what you’re getting into, you might have missed some critical detail. That could mean the difference between coverage and no coverage. 

Contrary to popular belief, finding healthcare can be a simple, enjoyable experience. By providing easy to understand guidelines, switching to medical cost sharing gives you easy access and clarity. 

Gone are the days of stressing out over open enrollment decisions or premium increases. Medical cost sharing provides you with easy access to healthcare and eliminates health insurance hassles. Switching to medical cost sharing brings clarity, ease in communication, and expedient reimbursements for your large healthcare expenses. 


Promotes Wellness Through Community


Medical cost sharing communities encourage members to practice healthy lifestyles. By switching to medical cost sharing, you are joining forces with other like-minded people. These people will care about your health, as much as they care about theirs. The healthier members are, the less money they’ll need to use from the community fund. This leads to lower monthly contributions for everyone! By switching to medical cost sharing, you’ll get access to high-quality healthcare whenever and wherever you need it. And for a lower monthly cost! 

Switching to medical cost sharing means joining a community that shares financial burdens. Members are expected to follow the community guidelines and uphold their value system. There might be a strong focus on community, but there are still boundaries and rules that apply to all members. Medical cost sharing combines the support of community ties with professionalism. 


Switching to Medical Cost Sharing: What Do You Need to Know?

Switching to medical cost sharing can be a little stressful because it’s so different from health insurance. Naturally, such new and unfamiliar territory can seem scary. Especially if you’re used to counting on only health insurance previously. But once you take the first step into a like-minded medical cost sharing community, you’ll feel secure and supported. Counting on this community feels much safer than profits driven insurance. 

Here are three useful steps to take when choosing medical cost sharing: 

Step One of Switching to Medical Cost Sharing

First, make sure you know the core principles of the medical cost sharing community. Ask to see the guidelines and look at the core values and the lifestyle it promotes. Does this align with the vision you have for your life? Is switching to medical cost sharing for you? 

Some medical cost sharing communities are against tobacco and drug use as well as habitual drinking and driving. That’s good for the community and just what you want to be a part of when you start paying in your share. These bad habits can either prevent you from being a  member or affect your monthly rate.  For example, members through Scoop Health pay a $75 per month surcharge. Some communities might limit ‘hazardous’ behavior or have stipulations about pre-existing conditions. You might need to make some positive lifestyle changes before switching to medical cost sharing. 

At Scoop Health, our medical cost sharing community does not require members to affiliate with a specific religious group. Our mission is to empower members to take direct control of their personal health decisions by switching to medical cost sharing. Our community is truly committed to health, so members can thrive in the fullness of all that life has to offer. We place generosity of mind and spirit at the heart of our community.

Step Two of Switching to Medical Cost Sharing


Next, you should find out how established this community is.  This is going to matter since you and every other member are counting on the community to be there when you need it to pay your bills. Has this medical cost sharing community invested time and resources into helping their members? Have they well defined their mission and is what they offer simple and clear? 

A reliable medical cost sharing community should have a strong clear mission to help its members be better consumers of healthcare. Look for a message endorsing health integrity and a commitment to providing quality healthcare for every member. Make sure you know the community’s mission before switching to medical cost sharing. Some are faith-based, which can present issues for some people. Some, like Sedera, are not faith-based and easier for most healthy people to join. 

With Scoop Health, you are guaranteed seasoned leadership that focuses on member experience and satisfaction. Our team commits to providing the best healthcare possible at affordable rates. This keeps both your bank account and health feeling fine. 


Step Three of Switching to Medical Cost Sharing

You’re going to want to make sure membership guidelines are clear and insightful. What’s the point in switching to medical cost sharing if you still can’t understand exactly what’s on offer? Find out how the fund is handled and if there’s financial accountability. 


These guidelines should also clearly show how switching to medical cost sharing works. You want to join a community that is transparent about everything. That includes where insurance might offer what the community can’t. For example, switching to medical cost sharing does not mean that medical cost sharing equals insurance. Medical cost sharing is not the same as insurance and this distinction needs to be clearly communicated to all potential members.  Most people find out that it’s much better than health insurance.

Accountability, education, and advocacy are core tenets of Scoop Health. We educate all our members on the differences between medical cost sharing and insurance. Our teams lead with integrity and zealously advocate for our members’ health and affordable health care. We want our members to freely make informed choices about their healthcare without concern about what the insurance might not cover. 

Final Thoughts on Switching to Medical Cost Sharing

It’s no secret that the price of health insurance is getting out of hand. There comes a point where the risk of spending that much money on health insurance coverage outweighs the risk of going without any coverage at all. It’s time to ask yourself whether your insurance is truly serving your best interests. 

You’ve got other, better options. Step away from insurance and choose healthcare that is affordable, accessible, and supportive. Move toward medical cost sharing and take more active control of your healthcare. Medical cost sharing means no more confusion, no more surprises. Switching to medical cost sharing adds real value and removes hassles from your healthcare experience. 

Scoop Health is certified by Sedera medical cost sharing. At Scoop Health, we aim to replace health insurance and ease the cost of healthcare for our members. Today, you can join our passionate group of community builders. A collection of like-minded people, dedicated to health and wellness. 

We help carry each other’s mental, emotional, and physical health. We share burdens and protect each other’s financial well being. Switching to medical cost sharing is the best decision you can make for your future. Contact us at Scoop Health today for more information on how you can be a part of the Sedera community. 

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