[aa_subtitle_display]Recruiting can be a tough and long process when it comes to filling any open role at your organization. A lot goes into it, and sometimes it can be tough to understand if you’re making the right choices when it comes to pulling the trigger on a candidate.

Something that hiring managers don’t always think about throughout this process is what personality type they are looking for in the role – especially since it is easy to focus on technical skills and backgrounds in lieu of what personality a person has.

Most companies are made up of a steady mix of personalities – most commonly placed into buckets of “introverts” which are those who are quieter and shy and “extroverts”, which describes someone who is more outgoing and talkative.

There are benefits to hiring both types, but here we explore the strengths and benefits of hiring extroverts to help work towards the success of your company.

The Benefits of Hiring Extroverts

Extroverts are good at interacting with others

Because of their naturally outgoing personality type and genuine enjoyment in talking to those around them, extroverts tend to be good at day to day interactions with both people they know and those they don’t.

This can help your company build internal community and also assists in developing external relationships that can be beneficial for your organization. Their natural knack for interaction makes extroverts a great personality type to fill customer service or client service roles that require excessive interaction with key stakeholders in the business.

Customer service

They adapt quickly to change

Often times, businesses are filled with frequent change and adjustment to accommodate a changing financial climate, new goals, or other varying factors that are out of the control of business leaders. For that reason, those who can easily adjust to change without much coddling or help make for a more fluid team with a higher success rate overall.

This also allows these workers to more easily adjust to new projects or assignments being thrown their way and may mean that they work more easily with new people on a regular basis.

They aren’t afraid to take risks

Many times, extroverts are not risk adverse. This is because they have a natural ability and yearning to create new relationships, assert themselves into new situations, and feel comfortable with the prospect of facing aversion or rejection. This can be useful in your business place as many times, it takes the willingness of taking chances to find new successes.

They yearn to make an impact

Extroverts typically like to be the center of attention, making them work hard to be recognized, make an impact, and do something worth noticing. This is motivating for them and can spur hard work and dedication.

Yearn to make impact

How a PEO Can Help

When it comes to staffing an office, it takes both introverts and extroverts to find success. A PEO can help in figuring out which roles require which personality type and what the factors are in identifying that during an interview process. We care that your business hires the right people to make your organization successful, so we will work with you to find a PEO that adequately understands your business and its needs.

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