[aa_subtitle_display]Introverts make great employees, and the list of reasons for that fact goes on and on. While hiring managers have a natural tendency to gravitate towards those who are more outgoing and extroverted throughout the interview process, there is a full laundry list of reasons to pay more attention to introverts, too.

Take a look at the list of reasons to keep in mind during the recruiting and hiring process below.

The Benefits of Hiring Introverts

They are great listeners

Having an introvert on your team can improve the quality of listening and processing in your office. This personality type typically has a knack for listening and picking up on things that others don’t, making them good people to have around.

They have a high level of composure

While extroverts have a tendency to show their knee jerk reaction in tough or high pressure situations, introverts are more easily able to keep their cool under pressure. This is because they tend to avoid conflict at almost all costs, training them naturally to remain calm and level headed.

This is a great trait for a managerial position who will frequently be placed in the hot seat or forced to have difficult conversations.

They avoid workplace drama

As mentioned above, introverts tend to avoid conflict and like to stay clear of drama. This could help to cut down on workplace conflict and drama that wastes time and creates tension among teammates.

They also have a natural knack for picking up on the dynamics and feelings of others, allowing them to calmly diffuse and handle situations before they reach a boiling point.

Workplace drama

They create a more efficient workplace

Because introverts are naturally quieter, they will not have a tendency to linger around the office chit-chatting with co-workers, and are able to stay more focused on their work. Introverts also tend to keep meetings shorter and more concise as they are quieter and are rarely long winded, leaving more time on a day to day basis for being productive and getting stuff done.

They tend to be more innovative

According to studies, introverts tend to be more easily adaptable to an environment that demands constant communication via technological advancements. In an ever-changing world or communication and technology, this is a vital skill and is extremely useful around the office.

They don’t like too much attention

Introverts are naturally more shy and don’t like to be the center attention when it can be avoided. This means that they will never hog the limelight even if they are the mastermind behind a success. They will do things for the fulfillment and success rate of it, not because they are looking to receive credit or recognition.

Dont like too much attention

How a PEO Can Help

PEOs can help with the entirety of a hiring process from start to finish and can also help identify which personality types would flourish in which open roles. To find a PEO that will best understand the needs, values, and fundamentals of your organization, call us today.

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