[aa_subtitle_display]Lunch and learns are becoming more and more popular in the corporate world. These are talks, presentations, or speakers that deliver their talk while providing lunch to the audience.

In many cases, these are designed to be interactive and a fun, educational, and enlightening way to spend a lunch hour. These can be related to the mission of your business, or it can be something totally different.

To understand why these are getting so much attention, take a look at the top “benefits” of having them in your office.


They are informative – as mentioned above, lunch and learns can cover any range of topics, whether or not they are related to the mission of your organization.

They can cover information about health and wellness that pertains to employees, or information about virtually any other topic that interests your employees.

Whether you utilize someone in your office or bring an external individual or group in to give the presentation, these are sure to teach your employees something new and leave them more knowledgeable than they were walking into the lunch.

It shows your employees you care about their development – many employees value working in an environment where leaders care about their individual growth and development.

Offering supplemental programs such as these to offer learnings – even if they are not about business – is a way to show employees you care about them growing and constantly learning.

A constant stream of learning leads to evolution, which is good for workers and your company alike.


It creates community – not only does attending a lunch together promote a strong office community and good environment, but it also can allow employees to get to know each other in other ways.

If you have any employees with an interesting career path story or even a unique life experience, you can ask them to share their story in the forum of a lunch and learn.

This will help employees connect to that individual and to each other through interactions during the event.

They reinforce the culture of your organization – office culture is an important factor for many when it comes to staying at or joining a company. With that being said, it is a benefit of lunch and learns that they promote your office culture.

Because you choose the topics, you have the power to choose subjects and ideas that reflect what you want your culture to encompass. For instance, for a culture that reflects strong family values, perhaps you host a lunch and learn regarding helping your children through the college application process.

This sends a clear message to those within your organization that you stand behind and are committed to your culture in above and beyond ways.

How a PEO Can Help

Especially if you have never planned a lunch and learn before, you could probably use some help. A PEO can help you brainstorm ideas and bring them to life for the benefit of your employees and organization.

We can help match you with the best PEO for your organization to ensure employees are kept happy and that your organization saves money.

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