[aa_subtitle_display]While these meetings with your direct reports can be difficult to coordinate at times and are certainly a large time commitment, there are many benefits of these meetings that must be considered.

Enhancing and promoting a healthy and open relationship with your employees has the power to make your business and organization as a whole better, and it is certainly something to think about implementing with your employees. Take a look at the reasons for them below.


The Benefits of Manager-Direct Report Touchbases

It creates a better relationship

Relationships between managers and direct reports can be tricky at times, but having regular meetings can make it easier to develop a close relationship.

You are looking to build trust with your employees, and spending time with them, hearing them out on their opinions, and getting to know them personally is a good way to do this.

It opens the lines of communication

In business, communication is key. Often times, employees feel intimidated by the idea of bringing a problem, idea, or suggestion to their boss.

Providing individuals with a one-on-one opportunity to get anything they want off their chest enables them to feel comfortable doing so, and begins the process of their communication with you becoming a regular habit – in and out of the meetings.

The better the communication on your team is, the better it will work as a whole – it’s as simple as that!


It’s motivating

With 70% of America’s employees reporting that they are unengaged at work (according to a Gallup survey), it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees are motivated and engaged in the business.

These meetings are a great way to get individuals more involved on projects, determine their interests, and to show them that you believe they are important and valuable to the organization.

It helps you learn about problems or potential problems

As a manager, you always want to keep on top of what problems and potential problems could be plaguing your team. The more regularly you communicate with your employees, the more likely it is that you will be in the know on these things.

That will allow you to help your direct reports face their issues, work through ways to prevent problems, detect trends, and figure out how to minimize the obstacles that your team faces.

It highlights your teammates strengths and weaknesses

Spending this sort of quality and communicative time with your direct reports will uncover traits about them you weren’t aware of.

Because you will spend time discussing their failures and triumphs, you will begin to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses as an employee and a better picture of them will be painted over time.

How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can be of help setting up these meetings and determining what the best way is for your specific team to implement them. Because coordinating these can be tricky, guidance from the experts is a good thing! To find a PEO that will best suit your business, call us today.

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