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[aa_subtitle_display]As we discussed in our recent article, there are many benefits for your company to reap from the use of personality tests. However, there are downsides as well.

It’s undeniable that these are used by many organizations across the nation. The Society for Human Resource Management reports that as many of 60% of workers are now asked to take personality assessments designed for the workplace.

This industry has grown to make $500 million a year, a 10% growth rate in recent years. Out of the 60% of companies that use these tests, 22% are utilizing them to evaluate job candidates.

But what about the costs associated with these tests, as well as the other disadvantages?

It is important to understanding the well-rounded picture of pros and cons before making a decision for your company whether or not to use these. Here, we discuss the disadvantages of workplace personality testing.


The Disadvantages of Personality Testing

They can be expensive

These tests can be costly to conduct. When considering whether or not to utilize these in the recruiting process, you must weigh whether it will be worth the cost of doing so.

They may be inaccurate

When candidates complete these tests, keep in mind that they may be answering in the way they think that you, as the employer, would want them to. This could skew the results and keep them from being completely accurate to what the candidate is really like.

It could result in a lack of diversity in the workplace

If you are using these to match personalities to that of others in your organization, this could result in a lack of diversity.

Having a workplace with at least some diversity is important, so it’s important to consider whether or not these test results would lead to hiring the same personality types over and over again.

They can be off-putting

Because they can be quite time consuming and even a bit intimidating, these tests could be off-putting to job candidates. This could result in candidates being pushed away that are, in fact, fitting for your organization’s culture as well as the job they were applying for.


This could create a false sense of confidence in a candidate

Even though personality tests may accurately depict what a specific candidate is like, it does not mean they are guaranteed to perform well in the role they are hired for or that they will succeed in the culture of your company.

While they are a great tool to use, they do not provide certainty that the candidate will ultimately be what you are looking for for your business.

How a PEO Can Help

We understand that whether or not to participate in personality testing at your company can be a confusing debate. After all, there are an array of upsides and downsides associated with the idea.

However, a PEO can be helpful in assisting you in deciding what is best for your organization, especially in relation to the hiring process.

Allow us to match you with the best PEO for your company in order to answer these tough questions and take the hassle out of it.

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