[aa_subtitle_display]More and more companies are beginning to focus heavily on the well-being of their employees. While work-life balance is certainly an important topic for all employers, this focus goes beyond that.

Major companies have begun to incentivize unique behaviors and actions in employees to ensure their well-being.

What kinds of things are companies focusing on?


Insurance giant Aetna has begun to focus on the amount of sleep their employees get. Forbes reports that this major company now pays their employees $25 for every 20 nights they get seven hours or more of sleep, tracked through a wearable device.

This incentive can add up to $300 in a calendar year for each employee. The reason behind this incentive is that Aetna believes more well-rested employees will equate to increased productivity, thus a more profitable and successful business.


Healthy eating

The workforce is also focusing on a movement towards healthy eating. While many companies have historically provided their employees with catered lunches or cafeterias where they could get meals, they have not always showcased healthy options.

Forbes reports that they’ve seen a major shift towards companies offering healthier lunch options, and a recent survey shows that more than half of employers provide healthy lunch choices for company meetings and events, offer healthier options in their cafeterias, and have added wholesome selections to vending machines.

Having healthier on-site food options can keep employees energized longer and increase productivity overall if it saves them a trip out of the office for lunch, equating to more hours worked.


Gym memberships and classes

More and more companies are now providing employees with complimentary gym access or compensated memberships to promote further well-being.

Forbes reports that the thinking here is that healthy employees are more satisfied, productive, and therefore – profitable.

Some companies have even gone as far as providing employees with treadmill desks and complimentary activity trackers.

Mental health measures

Given the staggering statistic that one in five Americans has a diagnosable mental health condition, this is something that companies are beginning to work to support.

Through tools such as anonymous surveys and resources such as in-house counselors and therapists, businesses are showing their concern for the mental stability of their employees.

This is a good way to show workers that you care about their health and overall well-being.


How can your company support the well-being of employees?

Your company does not have to spend endless amounts of money to support the well-being to have happier, healthier, more productive and profitable employees. Your PEO can work with you to put initiatives and policies into place to catalyze these positive results.

They will be able to help determine what works best for your employees and company. We can help place you with the most effective PEO for your business to ensure your employees are happy and healthy and that your company is maximizing its productivity and saving money.

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