[aa_subtitle_display]While the summer may seem far off, it is not uncommon of companies to hire interns over the holiday season (fondly referred to as “winterns”), while most colleges provide students with an extended break.

Now is the time to think about whether you could use “extra help” over the winter and whether or not this is something that could be beneficial to your business.

There are both ups and downs to hiring interns, so we’re here to take you through the pros and cons.


The Pros of Hiring Interns

It’s an extra set of hands

Having an intern on your team allows for an extra set of hands that can be helpful in completing ongoing projects, working on lower level tasks, or helping brainstorm for initiatives.

While interns may not have much experience, they do bring a fresh perspective and may have some interesting and innovative ideas.

Given the fact that you do not necessarily have to pay interns for their work, this could be an economically sound way for your company to be more productive.

It could lead to a hire

Hiring interns can be treated like a “trial” period where you assess the skills and culture fit of the individual and then make them a full time offer for once the internship concludes.

This could be helpful in recruiting as you can certainly learn more about a candidate if they work with you for an extended period of time than you can in a short series of interviews.

An intern turning into a full time employee would also decrease recruiting costs.

It can build brand recognition

Especially if your intern(s) have a good experience at your company, they are bound to talk about it with their family, friends, and peers. This is a great way to raise awareness of your company’s mission and brand at little cost to your business.

The Cons of Hiring Interns

You don’t want to utilize the resources

While you don’t necessarily have to pay interns to work at your company, you or your employees will have to spend at least some time training them and working with them.

If your business cannot afford to utilize manpower in that way, then hiring interns might not make the most sense for your company.

You don’t have clear goals from the program

If you don’t have any goals you wish for the interns to achieve during their time at your business, it is probably not worth bringing on the extra set of hands.

You do not want to onboard people who are hoping to gain good experience and not have anything for them to do. That could reflect poorly on your company and provide the intern(s) with a negative experience.

You don’t have time

If you do not have the time to be a solid mentor and supervisor to your interns, it is probably not the right choice to have them there. As mentioned above, you do not want to provide them with a poor experience.

The Bottom Line

Clearly, there are things to gain and lose when it comes to hiring interns at your business. This is something that each individual business owner needs to decipher for themselves. Your PEO can help assess this situation, and we can help pair you best with a company that will best understand your company’s needs, limits, and capacity.

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