[aa_subtitle_display]Fatigue in your employees could have a harmful effect on the overall productivity of your business and happiness of your workers.

To that point, there is a high level of importance around understanding the impact employee fatigue has on your company as well as signs of it, what can cause it, and how to prevent it.

To help you understand why your employees may be unenergized, we have compiled the most important information for you to be aware of.


What Are the Signs of Fatigue?


Employees being overly irritable and cranky is a tell-tale sign that they are lacking energy and need a pick me up. This irritability can be cumbersome in the office as it stands to open the door to employee disputes or disagreements.


This one probably goes without saying, but employees who are fatigued are generally very sleepy and have low-energy. This could be harmful to the rate of their productivity or effectiveness in meetings or client visits. In turn, that has a negative effect on your business and its profitability.

Increased vulnerability to illness

If you’re noticing people in your office getting sick more often, it could be a sign of fatigue. This could lead to increased absences as well as low morale.

The more sick people in your office, the better chance there is of illness spreading. This is another aspect that could negatively affect the overall productivity of your business.


What Contributes to Fatigue?

There are several factors that are responsible for contributing to fatigue in your office. As mentioned, this can be harmful to your office culture, employee morale, and lead to an unpleasant environment in general.

With that being said, it is important to be knowledgeable of the contributing factors of fatigue and understand how to minimize them.

Dim lighting

A dimly lit environment can lead to more tired and sluggish employees. A brightly lit space is more conducive to energetic workers.

High temperatures

Bumping up the thermostat will do more than raise your electric bill. A warmer environment can make people sleepy. Be sure to keep your office warm enough, but not overly hot.

Overly comfortable work space

While it is important to ensure that your employees have a work space that is comfortable and ergonomically friendly, you should avoid giving them a spot that makes it easy for them to lounge.

Spaces that are conducive to lounging around can spur fatigue and tiredness and have a negative effect on your workers’ productivity.

Why It’s Important

Having employees that are tired and lack energy can be damaging to your office environment and your business. A lack of productivity means less traction in meeting your goals and even less revenue earned.

Furthermore, fatigued employees are likely not happy ones, and we know that you value keeping your workers happy and ensuring that the office culture and morale is upbeat. A PEO can help recognize the signs of fatigue and work to reduce the factors that can contribute to it.

Let us help you find the ideal PEO through our complimentary competitive analysis. Also, look out for our upcoming article featuring ideas of how to keep your employees energized.

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