[aa_subtitle_display]With so many distractions in the workplace and ever-growing to-do lists, it can be extremely tough for your employees to stay on task and effectively manage their time.

This is not necessarily a good thing for you as a business owner, as it could have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the office. However, there are many ways that allow you to help guide your employees towards managing their time more effectively.

We have compiled a list of the best ways to encourage pristine time management skills in your employees.


How to Teach Sound Time Management Skills

Encourage prioritization

Encouraging your employees to prioritize effectively is the first step towards them using their time wisely. Categorizing each task, project, and deliverable by both importance and urgency can help employees stay organized and maximize their productivity levels.

This will ensure that the most important things get done in a timely manner and will create a system of task management that has a good flow.

Give your employees a fair range of freedom

While – as mentioned above – it is important to help your employees prioritize things, it is also important to give them a fair amount of freedom when deciding how to tackle their task list.

Everyone works differently, and while some may want to first complete their most arduous tasks to get them out of the way, others may want to first knock the small and easy tasks off their lists.

Allowing employees to find their own system and operate in their own way makes it easier for them to stay organized and motivated.

Have your employees log their time

For the first week or so in working on time management, it could be useful to have employees log what they are spending their time doing each day.

At the end of the week, this data can be analyzed in order to identify inefficiencies and spur change towards a more proficient schedule.

Encourage delegation

Especially when encouraging further time management skills in managers, pushing them towards delegating tasks that they do not have to personally tackle is a good start.

On this tip, be sure to lead by example and delegate tasks that you can to improve your time management skills, too.


What Can This Do for My Company?

Improved time management skills among your employees as a whole allows for a more productive and – thus – a more profitable company as a whole.

Additionally, employees who better manage their time and can get more done in a more efficient manner can lead to overall happier employees who are far less stressed out and more fulfilled in their work.

How Can a PEO be of Assistance?

A PEO can be a great resource in helping you navigate the best way to encourage more sound time management among your employees.

We have the resources and expertise to effectively pair you with the most fitting PEO to your business and employees in order to save you money and increase your company’s productivity.


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