[aa_subtitle_display]An important way to keep your employees and business as a whole on track is to set effective and logical goals.

Furthermore, reassessing these goals and measuring where you are against meeting them on a regular basis is a vital step on the path to success.

Having clearly defined goals and a plan of how to reach them makes your company more successful, helps protect your company against wasting or losing money, and can be the cause for happier and more fulfilled employees.

However, setting goals that are logical, well thought out, and sensible can be tough. Check out our favorite tips for effective goal-setting in your organization.


Top Tips for Effective Goal Setting

Align your goals with the mission of your company

Each goal that is set within your organization – whether it be by a leader, manager, or line-level employee, should somehow connect to the mission and values of the organization.

If no connection can be drawn, then the goal should be rethought.

Set a time period

Part of goals being effective relies on there being a way to hold someone accountable to them. Each goal should have a defined time period that “outlines” when it should be completed by.

This will also help the goal-setter map out the steps and road map towards meeting achievement in a reasonable way.

Document, document, document!

If goals aren’t written down and documented somewhere, no one can ever be held accountable to working towards them. Develop a system to document employee and organization goals so that they can be referenced during development meetings and revisited often.

Regularly revisit goals and check progress

It is important to frequently check-in on where individuals and groups are on the path towards their goals. Doing so can help people discuss obstacles they are facing in the way of their accomplishments and solicit help on overcoming them.

Regular conversations around goals will further promote accountability surrounding them and will motivate people to work vigorously towards them.


Allow for modifications

Just because goals are documented doesn’t mean they have to be set in stone. Modifications along the way should be allowed as sometimes things change or ideas do not go as planned.

This is acceptable as long as it is discussed and agreed upon with superiors so that there is a consensus on what makes the most logical sense.

Celebrate achievements

When goals in the organization are met, it is cause for celebration! Doing so will make individuals who contributed to the accomplishment feel good and will also motivate others to work harder towards their goals.

It can be easy to feel like company goals are a mandated thing that are just floating out there and that they don’t truly matter. Celebrating those that are met shows the company’s commitment to reaching goals and emphasizes the importance of them.

How a PEO Can Help

Your PEO can be effective in navigating the waters of setting realistic and logical goals within your organization. We aim to match you with the most effective PEO through our complimentary competitive analysis.

We care about your company achieving its goals and think that the help of a PEO would accelerate the process.

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