Our list of top 10 ways to have a healthy holiday season this year with Scoop Health and how you and your family can stay happy this Christmas.

It is finally that time of the year again when we can forget about the pressures of 2020. The Christmas lights are up and we are getting ready to build gingerbread houses. But considering how 2020 has gone, you are probably thinking about ways to have an extra healthy holiday season. After all, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and now more than ever, being cautious is top of mind

We put together a list of ways to have a healthy holiday season during this extraordinary year. And Sedera medical cost sharing is one of the best things that you can use to keep your family (and your finances) safe in case of a medical emergency. So here is our list of healthy holiday tips to keep you safe this year.


Top 10 Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Season

So this year is different from other years for obvious reasons. That means that we should probably be more cautious than usual. Here at Scoop Health, we care about your family’s health and safety. That’s why we put together this list of 10 ways to have a healthy holiday season. 

Good Hand Hygiene

When you think of ways to have a healthy holiday season, this one should be first on the list every day of the year. This is the number one tip that has been on every possible health and safety instruction that you can think of. And that is because it works in the fight against COVID-19. Ideally, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds 3 times a day. An easy way to pass the time and make sure that you hit and even pass the 20-second mark is by singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. Or pick your own tune, if you don’t want to be humming happy birthday in your mind all day.  Remember, it’s important to wash your hands with clean water and soap and dry with a clean towel or an air blaster. You should also sanitize with hand sanitizer after engaging with potentially contaminated surfaces. Keeping your hands clean is one of the best-known ways to have a healthy holiday season. 

Keep Warm and Dry

Winter is upon us and that means doing whatever it takes to keep the chill off of you. And you can avoid the common cold by avoiding chills. Dressing in layers is one of the easiest ways to stay warm and have a healthy holiday season. So when you go outdoors, wear warm layers of clothing so you can peel them off as the temperature rises. If you can, wear a layer of waterproof clothing as well. Staying dry is important for keeping the chills away. 

Steer Clear of the Smoke

Cigarette smoke is bad for you, that’s no secret. And staying away from it is key to staying healthy for many holidays to come. With smoking being so bad for your health, quitting and avoiding it is one of the ways to have a healthy holiday season and long life in general. So you should stay away from cigarettes, as well as second-hand smoke too.  And you should extend this to all forms of tobacco products.


Buckle Up Buttercup

Thousands of American families are going to take road trips across the country this year. Wearing your seatbelt should be top of your priority list whenever you travel. This may sound pretty straightforward but we do tend to forget the simple things every now and then. This is one of the easiest ways to have a healthy holiday season and avoid injury. So remember to buckle up. Wear your safety belt at all times. If you have children, then make sure to use a child safety seat that is specific to their age, weight, and height. 


Stay Calm! It’s the Holidays

As much as we may think that the holidays are a time to relax, the reality is that most of us tend to stress about them. And it’s all kinds of stress. From trying to figure out how you are going to afford to get your kids the gifts that they want, to wondering if it is safe to have the in-laws over this year, the stress is everywhere.  One of the ways to have a healthy holiday season is to just stay calm. Everything is solvable, so relax and remember that there’s almost always a rainbow after a storm, you just have to be looking for it. 

Consume Alcohol Responsibly or Not At All

The holiday season is a great time to kick back, relax, and grab a few adult beverages. More often than not, you are probably going to find yourself having these drinks with family or friends. And when the night is through, you’ll need to get home safely, so call a Lyft or UBER.  

One of the ways to have a healthy holiday season is to reduce your alcohol consumption. You are still allowed to ‘appoint’ yourself as the designated driver, even if you are taking an UBER. Most importantly, you should always say no to drinking while dating. For the sake of yourself and those around you, drink responsibly. Keep an eye on your friends too, take the keys so they will definitely not drink and drive. Everyone can have a good time and still make it home safe. With so many ride-sharing services, this is one of the ways that you can have a healthy holiday season.


Fire Safety First

Because of how cold it is, some of us can turn to our fireplace as a source of added warmth. One of the ways to have a healthy holiday season is to keep a constant eye on that fire. Other fire hazards like circuits overloaded with Christmas lights,  space heaters, stoves, and candles should all be monitored closely. You should also make sure that you have the necessary supplies to put a fire out. It is best to keep a fully charged fire extinguisher on hand in case anything does happen and you need to put out a fire. This is especially true because most fires in US homes happen during the holiday season


Have Your Vaccinations Up to Date

This is one we always tend to forget or avoid. Prevention is better than cure and one of the ways to have a healthy holiday season is keeping your vaccinations up to date. Make sure that everyone has their flu shots and any other vaccines that they may need, especially if you are traveling. 

Eat Healthy and Prepare Food Safely

Eating a healthy diet is one of the ways to have a healthy holiday season. The temptation is to throw all of the health commitments out of the window for all the delicious holiday foods and desserts. But the last thing you want is to have to deal with the consequences of bad eating habits that come after the festive season. 

Even before you start thinking about healthy food combinations, you should think about food safety. So bear these things in mind:

  • Always wash your hands before you cook and extra after handling raw poultry
  • Refrigerate foods as soon as you get home from the store
  • Make sure you cook meat at recommended temperatures
  • Keep foods separate until prep time to avoid food contamination


You can still eat all of the delicious foods during the festive season. But perhaps consider having smaller portion sizes. Moderation and staying active keep you healthy. This is one of the easiest ways to have a healthy holiday season and long life beyond it. If you don’t want to feel so guilty about eating so much, extra exercise can help! The best part is that you can turn it into a fun activity for the whole family. So go ahead and balance out your eating with some exercise so that you can have a healthy 2021.

Protecting the Little Ones

With so much excitement in the air, it is easy for small mistakes to turn into a trip to the ER. And most importantly, we need to think about our little ones because sometimes they won’t see the danger coming. Your kids safety should be factored into all of your decisions for ways to have a healthy holiday season. 

So this festive season, make sure that you keep all potentially hazardous items away from children. No fireworks for the toddlers. This includes small choking hazards and items that could be dangerous to put into a child’s mouth. If you have a pool or lake at home, make sure you have a net over your pool or a fence. These small things can protect your children from accidental drowning and are just some of the ways to have a healthy holiday season. 


One of the Best Ways to Have a Healthy Holiday Season: Medical Cost Sharing With Scoop Health

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