[aa_subtitle_display]Running a company with key attributes will enhance the reputation of your organization as an employer and will have added benefits.

First of all, it will attract top talent, help you to retain high performing employees, will boost the morale and pride of your current workers, and will make your business highly competitive with those in your field.

We have compiled a list of the key attributes that will cause people to identify your company as an excellent place to work:

Demonstrate a sense of commitment to your employees

There are several ways to show your employees that you are invested in them. By giving them tools and resources to grow and learn, you show them you care about their individual development.

Furthermore, providing recognition to employees when they are performing well is a great way to exhibit commitment to them.

Finally, offering career growth opportunities exemplifies the fact that you are invested in their success. This will undoubtedly promote a sense of loyalty to your company from employees.

Promote a work-life balance and allow for flexibility

Showing your employees that you understand the need for them to have a healthy work-life balance conveys the fact that you care about them as people.

SHRM reports that while 89% of people surveyed noted that work-life balance is a problem in their current job, 80% of respondents noted that flexibility is an important factor that they consider when deciding on a new job.


Define expectations clearly

The best way to set employees up for success is to clearly define what you expect out of them. Have open and honest conversations with your employees regarding what you expect out of them, what their key deliverables are, and indicate the timeframe that you are referring to.

This allows employees the autonomy to figure out how to best meet their goals and gives them confidence in what they need to deliver.

Hold people accountable – including leaders

Creating an environment that demands those within it to hold each other accountable is an important attribute that contributes to having happy employees.

Especially when you show employees that everyone – including managers and senior leaders – are being held accountable to clearly defined standards, it contributes to the success of the company and overall progress towards goals.

Hold regular performance reviews

This is another way to demonstrate your commitment to your employees and give them the support they need to grow and succeed at your company.

Holding annual or semi-annual performance reviews is a good way to stay in sync with your workers on their performance and growth and also allows them a guaranteed time to receive feedback and give feedback to their manager as they see fit.


How your PEO can help

To promote key factors that will set your company apart from its competitors, your PEO can be helpful in building a culture that top candidates want to work at.

Using our service to find the best PEO to fit your needs can help you enhance your employee’s work experience, attract great talent, retain top employees, and save your company money.

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