[aa_subtitle_display]At your company, you always want to be open to creativity in order to allow employees to come up with innovative ideas, enhances processes, and think of new and more efficient ways to meet goals.

No matter what the industry you are in, creativity should be encouraged as it is a useful way to enhance overall productivity. We have compiled some tips and tricks to inspiring creativity in your office.


How to Inspire Creativity in your Office

Encourage both independence and teamwork

Encouraging those around you to be great at both working by themselves and in a team environment is a strong way to foster creativity.

While on their own, employees probably are full of their own ideas and personal goals, when they come together as a group they are able to effectively bounce ideas off of each other and feed off of one another’s energy.

This could lead to more innovative solutions to problems or more original ways to meet goals or complete deliverables.

Utilize different work practices and environments

Changing up the way that your employees work or even where they work can help to foster further creativity. Taking employees on a retreat, allowing them to get up and move and go outside, or even go to their favorite coffee shop can inspire them towards new ideas or thoughts.

Furthermore, encouraging them to work with new people from different departments that they don’t typically interact with can further spur new ideas.

Recognize and reward innovation

Going out of your way to recognize those who have presented innovative ideas is a great way to inspire others to aspire to do the same.

Offering a reward and praise publicly shows the value placed on creativity and that you, as a leader, are open to things being done using an “out of the box” method.

Why Creativity is Important at Work

A study conducted by Idea Champions interviewed 10,000 people inquiring about where they come up with their best ideas.

Only 3% noted that they come up with those grand ideas at work, while the other 97% cited the fact that their best ideas come from time in the shower, on vacation on walks, while enjoying a glass of wine, or when they are just relaxing.

This demonstrates the fact that a more relaxed and unstructured environment promotes creativity and – in turn – ideas.

This is important in the workplace because it leads to a higher rate of productivity as well as happier, more fulfilled employees. This could improve employee retention rates and increase profits and revenue overall.


How a PEO Can Help

Your PEO can be helpful in directing you towards what steps to take to foster further creativity in your office. We can pair you with the PEO most suited towards the needs of your individual company as well as your specific employees.

Combined with our complimentary competitive analysis, our service and commitment to helping you and your business are the perfect way to improve your workplace.

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