[aa_subtitle_display]Each year, more and more women are becoming successful, career driven leaders at their place of work. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that women represent 51.5 percent of all professional and managerial jobs.

Thus, gone are the days of a wife’s default role being staying at home with the kids and here are the days of the “glass ceiling” being broken. With a powerful movement that dictates more women in the workplace, it’s an important time for businesses to retain female talent at their organization.

Especially when it comes to working mothers, though, this can be tough to do in a good way. Read on to learn about best practices that help retain women talent in an ever-changing professional climate.

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Ways to Retain Female Talent at Your Company

Don’t let being a parent be a career-limiting factor

According to a study conducted by Bright Horizons, over a quarter of working women (26%) cited that they’ve witnessed expectant mothers being passed up for promotions or further job opportunities.

Keep in mind that it’s never safe to assume that just because someone is expecting a child does not mean that they are not trying to advance their own career. Have frequent conversations with them about their goals and the direction they’d like to work in regarding their career progression.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics reports that 15% of company profit growth (in those surveyed) was associated with a 30% increase in women executives.

Offer increased family benefits to employees

Bright Horizons reports that 49% of parents surveyed who’ve had their first child in the past two years indicated they would take a job for less money at a family-friendly employer. This is clearly an important factor when it comes to moms and their career choices.

These benefits include sick-time flexibility, the option for telecommuting, mother’s and family rooms that accommodate breastfeeding mothers, child care centers, and backup child care options. These benefits can make a world of difference when it comes to retaining female talent at your organization.

Develop a supportive office culture

In general, supportive company cultures are beneficial for employees and make for a more productive organization overall. Besides offering maternity leave packages to employees, also allow them to feel supported when they return to work afterwards.

Also ensure that managers are unwaveringly supportive and that working moms have a steady balance of mentors, networking, and coaching. Finally, these women should have clearly defined career paths that are frequently visited and discussed.

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How a PEO can Help

PEOs are a fantastic resource when it comes to helping managers and business leaders determine the best ways their organization can retain female talent. While it is a delicate line to balance in today’s world, it’s certainly an important one that must be planned for and frequently revisited to determine which practices are most effective.

To learn more, call us today to be matched with the PEO that is best suited for your organization and industry to ensure that your company retains top talent.

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