[aa_subtitle_display]Caring for your employees includes caring about their overall health and wellness. But as a business owner, it’s not enough to simply care that your employees are healthy, you have to also contribute to their overall wellness through things like health benefits and ensuring a solid work-life balance.

Even just health consciousness efforts within the effort are helpful in creating an atmosphere filled with healthy employees. Why is this so important? Well, there are a variety of reasons. Read more about them here.


Why You Should Care about the Health and Wellness of your Employees

Healthier employees can result in a more productive office

Employees who are well overall can result in more getting done in your office. This is because the more time employees spend sick, the more likely they are to be absent from work, creating a lack of productivity.

The more your employees are physically in the office, the more work will get done. It’s as simple as that!

Healthier employees lead to lower healthcare costs

Employees who are healthier overall will cost your company less in health care expenses if you provide health benefits to those at your organization. The more employees are unwell, the more professional treatment they will require from doctors.

This could drive up the cost of health benefits for you as the employer, which could end up being a large expense. The healthier your employees are, the less likely they are to drive up healthcare costs for you as the business owner.

Wellness programs act as a recruitment tool

If your business has any kind of wellness program or programs for employees to participate in, this could be attractive to candidates and prospective employees.

Especially in younger candidates, these kinds of benefits and programs are meaningful and attractive when it comes to a job search. Having a program could help get top talent in the door of your organization.


How you can enhance employee wellness

Creating a wellness program in your office could help enhance the wellness of your office community.

The National Small Business Administration reports that 93% of small business owners think employee health is important to business, but only 22% of those business owners currently offer any kind of wellness program at their place of business.

Instilling a wellness program doesn’t have to be difficult – it can involve anything as simple as subsidizing an employee’s gym membership, hosting a health or fitness challenge around the office, providing annual health screenings and vaccinations, or simply hosting informational sessions to raise awareness on different health topics.

While these may seem like small gestures, they will have a lasting impact on employees and can actually save your business thousands of dollars.

How a PEO Can Help

A PEO can be helpful in helping you construct and implement the perfect wellness programs to fit the needs of your employees and business as a whole. To find a PEO that will match the culture and needs of your business, contact us for a complimentary competitive analysis.

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