[aa_subtitle_display]Given it is about halfway through the school year at this point, campus recruiting is beginning to ramp up for many businesses.

That being said, it is worth delving into the idea of recruiting college graduates to come work for your company for several reasons. We are here to provide you with that list as something to consider.


Reasons to Hire College Grads as Employees


Hiring college grads for lower level positions in your company is a great way to help save money. While experienced workers will expect to be paid more, you can most likely hire an entry-level employee for a much cheaper price tag.

While you may worry that a less-experienced employee will not be as efficient or effective, this is where strategy comes into play.

Hiring college grads for jobs that they are best suited for and for roles that do not require lengthy training processes will ensure that you are getting more bang for your buck.

Fresh Perspective

Employees straight out of school have with them a fresh perspective that can prove to be beneficial in your work environment.

Those with “fresh eyes” can perceive problems that people who have been with your company or – for that matter – in the industry for a lengthier amount of time may be immune to seeing.

22-year-olds also carry with them, in most cases, an abundance of energy and spirit that could do wonders for the morale of your office.

Use it as a trial

Want to see what’s under the hood before you buy the car?

Recent grads are more likely to be okay with a temp-to-perm situation when it comes to taking a job than someone with an abundance of experience is.

Before you truly invest in an employee, piling your valuable eggs of resources to train them into one basket, have your new hire on a little bit of a “trial” to ensure that they are exactly what you’re looking for. This could help your company save time and money.

Build leaders for your company

Hiring people straight out of school can inhibit them with a loyalty to your company and gives you a chance to help shape them as a future leader.

Once they are ramped up and have succeeded in their entry level role, you can then promote from within and have someone who is seasoned at your company and understands it, because they built their career there from the ground up.


The Bottom Line

To save your company time and money, recruiting some recent grads to work with you may be a great option. Your PEO can help you to understand the perks and risks of doing so, and we can help pair you with an organization that will best understand your business.

Take advantage of our free competitive analysis today and put your company on the road towards making great hires as soon as possible. Also, look out for our upcoming article about how to recruit young talent.

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