[aa_subtitle_display]We’ve blogged a bunch about the importance of feedback – both positive and critical – in the workplace, yet this is not something widely practiced by companies across the nation.

In fact, the idea of giving and receiving feedback can be quite intimidating for some, and that is probably the reason that more workers, bosses, business owners, and managers are not actively giving and soliciting these critiques in the workplace.

Here, we will go through the reasons that providing business leaders and executives with feedback training is a great asset to your business.

Why Your Company Should be Providing “Feedback Training”

Giving useful feedback probably doesn’t come naturally

Because feedback isn’t always typical to give and receive during work hours, it doesn’t necessarily come naturally for managers and leaders to know the best way to provide it to both each other and their direct reports. Because of this, feedback training can assist individuals in feeling more comfortable giving and receiving it on a normal basis.

It’s important to manage reactions

Individuals don’t always react how we’d like them to when receiving feedback, especially if it is constructive criticism. In fact, in these scenarios, emotions may run high.

Learning to focus on “character rather than behavior”, as cited by the Harvard Business Review, can help to minimize those reactions and negative emotions associated with receiving feedback.

Those giving these critiques also need to learn to approach the situation with sensitivity and to ensure they do not let their emotions creep in during the conversation, either.

Manage reaction

You need to develop a pattern and make it a habit

Consistency is key when it comes to making feedback effective. In order to get into a habit of regularly doling out these thoughts and criticisms, it’s important to understand the right process of gathering and providing feedback, and then ensuring that it is done regularly.

If this is not the case, it will not have the positive benefits to your business that you intend it to.

It’s an art

All in all, giving feedback is a bit of an art. While it’s something that will get easier with repeated practice, it’s important to understand the best way to approach it and think about it from the start.

According to the Harvard Business Review, it’s best to give feedback that comes from a focus centering around a business outcome. Additionally, it’s vital that you go into the session with an open mind and avoiding assuming that you are right, as that could rub recipients the wrong way and prevent them from feeling heard.


How a PEO Can Help

Providing feedback training to your employees is probably something your team is not equipped to do on their own. However, a PEO can facilitate this, helping to make a more cohesive and profitable organization a reality.

Call us today to learn more about PEOs and their benefits. We can even provide a complimentary competitive analysis to make selecting a PEO an easier process for you!

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