Direct Primary Care for Employers

Reduce 'Out of Pocket' Medical Costs With This Amazing New Benefit

What are direct primary care benefits?

The Basics

We’ve discovered a perfect alternative to those outrageously expensive, low deductible health plans. The model is called Direct Primary Care (DPC), and you may have heard of it, because it’s been getting a lot of press in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Forbes, as more businesses embrace this healthcare model and think “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

DPC is kind of like having a doctor in your family – except that instead of paying them in cookies, you pay a small, flat monthly fee per employee (usually $100-200/mo less than you pay for now for lousy insurance with poor coverage options).

This gives your employees:

  • 24/7 access to a dedicated primary care doctor, by phone, text, in person or even carrier pigeon
  • All of their preventative care, health screenings, urgent care needs, and labwork at no out-of-pocket costs
  • Unlimited office visits (or the option to Skype if they don’t need to be seen in person)
  • And a personal physician who always has time for them pro-actively managing their health.

It’s exactly how healthcare is supposed to work (but doesn’t). With Direct Primary Care, physician are able to spend significantly more time with patients at no additional cost.  Instead of avoiding the doctor until things get out of control, expensive, and difficult to manage, employees have access to a personal physician as if they are a part of their immediate family caring for their health.

Find Out How to Provide Direct Primary Care For Your Employees While Still Reducing Your Overall Benefits Cost

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. I also suffer with anxiety and depression. I cannot express how my DPC physician and his team took care of me. The one word that comes to mind is CARING. You would not believe the communication that went back and forth. It seemed “too good to be true”. I experimented with different medication and they were in communication with me EVERY step of the way. I cannot thank you enough for making a very scary diagnosis less scary. I feel blessed to have this team of medical professionals helping me. I feel better than I have in a year, and I owe it to you for taking the time to get to know me. Never has a doctor spent more than 20 min. with me. My experience with DPC is the opposite. They take TIME getting to know me and follow up to make sure a healthy lifestyle is ahead! My experience has been 5 stars. I’m not scared to tackle health problems because I’m not alone. They are on MY TEAM and for that…I am forever thankful.

Allison B.

With the sudden illness I’ve had in the past 3 months I’ve found that reaching out to my DPC Dr is much easier than having to run to the doctor’s office and spend hours doing so. Such easy access… no waiting a day or two to have a nurse or doctor return my calls. The time and attention given to my needs and not having to go through a nurse before getting to discuss my illness with you… so worth it. I most definitely would recommend to others and have already. This has saved so much time and money by having such easy access to a doctor and medication made available quickly by the suggested pharmacy. I would like to add the fact that it has meant a lot to know that you take time to check on your patients. You don’t just check on with a phone call but you ask questions and give references on where to search for additional information available to help understand ones concerns of their condition.

Silvia S.

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