New Employer Health Benefits

Revolutionary Ideas That Leave Traditional Health Insurance In The Past

Tired of Status Quo Employer Health Insurance?

So were we!

Does it seem like year after year, there’s almost nothing you can do about the health insurance problem? The rates go up, the coverage goes down, and you get stuck splitting the increase with your already frustrated employees.

Well guess what, you’re not alone!

It’s clear that group health insurance has become a bad investment, and it’s making nobody happy.  We set-out on a mission to find a better way, to offer great health benefits that employees would appreciate, save the company money, and satisfy the ACA.   Using the most innovative ideas and latest strategies we help employers of all sizes to provide great health benefits that employees want, for less money. 

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Medical Cost Sharing

Medical Cost Sharing is a innovative new alternative to health insurance. Its built on a 35 year history of community based sharing.  An outstanding and affordable alternative to group health insurance for employers with less than 50 employees. This will save most employers 30-50% vs group health insurance.

Employers with 50+ employees can use an ICHRA  with Medical Cost Sharing alongside to produce similar savings and happier employees, all in an ACA compliant way. 

ICHRA – Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

New (in 2020) ICHRA rules now allow large employers to drop group health insurance to give employees more individual choice in health benefits. This health benefits strategy frees employees to choose from a wide range of individual health insurance options or lower cost medical cost sharing plans.  

This strategy provides every employee with a personal 1:1 Virtual MD and unlimited direct primary care. Employees are reimbursed for preventative care, dental, vision and out of pocket assistance. The ICHRA health benefits approach is the new gold standard in group benefits.  Good for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding great employees with benefits they choose on their own.  Most will spend 30% less than traditional group health.

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Direct Primary Care

With Direct Primary Care (DPC) arrangement (or its ‘virtual cousin’ VDPC) members pay a low monthly fee for unlimited access to their personal doctor. No co-pays or per-visit fees except for things like labs or imaging members get exclusive ‘doctor discounts’.

When paired with a Medical Cost Sharing arrangement employees get unlimited everyday health care and financial peace of mind knowing they won’t get wiped out by some  large unexpected medical episode.

Tired of Status Quo?

Let’s explore a benefits strategy that’s customized to the needs of your group and your bottom line!

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