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Revolutionary New Ideas That Leave Traditional Health Insurance In The Past
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Medical Cost Sharing – Powered by Sedera Health

Nobody likes health insurance these days. If you have it, it costs too much. If you don’t, your employees aren’t happy about it.  Even when you pay those outrageous premiums for health insurance, your employee is still on the hook for a small fortune when something bad happens. 

We’ve got great news – affordable medical cost sharing is replacing health insurance for employers of all sizes!

Scoop teamed up with Sedera Health to offer an affordable alternative to expensive health insurance. There is no minimum participation required and no limited enrollment window. Employees can sign-up or quit anytime. The monthly cost per employee is 40-60% less than insurance.

Instead of a huge deductible, members pay only an initial unshared amount that is as low as $500 (per incident). After that, all medical bills for the incident are fully shared by the community.

It’s easy to understand, simple to use and employees love it.

ICHRA – Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account

ICHRA allows employers to offer their employees unparalleled choice when it comes to their health benefits – and it reduces the employer’s overall health spend by 25% on average. This new solution gives the ability to offer traditional health insurance alongside medical cost sharing with the added benefit of direct primary care, preventative care, dental and vision, discounts on prescriptions, and out of pocket assistance. Offering an ICHRA is the gold standard in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding employees all while reducing an employer’s overall spending on benefits.

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Direct Primary Care

Membership based primary care is also known as DPC.  Is an innovative new way to address a family’s everyday care. Its a great match up with Scoop Health’s Access medical cost sharing powered by Sedera.

A low monthly membership fee gets patients:

Unlimited office visits

24/7 access to doctor (via phone, text or video chats)

Low cost labs, x-rays and medications

Same or Next Day Appointments

Chronic care coordination

Plus a nice discount on your Scoop Cost Sharing membership.

Note: Scoop Health can help you find a DPC doctor in your area however we do not endorse individual providers.  Your DPC membership is not asssociated with Scoop Health or our medical cost sharing plan.  They just work great together.

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