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Step One: Select Your Initial Unsharable Amount

The Initial Unsharable Amount (IUA) ranges from $500 to $5,000. The IUA is the specified dollar amount that the member chooses to carry on their own, prior to any remaining amount that will be eligible for sharing. By now, you’ve probably settled on which IUA you’d like to go with, so step one is to click “Enroll” under the IUA choice that you’ve picked.

Step Two: Age, Smoking Status, and Add Dependents

Enter your date of birth and smoking status, and click the green “Update” button. This will trigger a drop down menu where you will add a spouse and dependents if you have them. Then just click the green “Check-Out” button at the bottom.

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Step Three: Personal Information and Payment Details

Complete your contact details and payment method. On the right, under “Enrollment” choose your effective date from the drop down menu. Important: The phone number you enter must be a cell phone number. Once you hit submit, you will get a text message instructing you to “complete your enrollment”. If you don’t receive this text within 5 minutes, please contact support@aliere.com.

Last Step: Finish Enrollment on The Sedera Member Portal

Check your cell phone for a text with a link to Sedera. Use the link or go to member.sedera.com and complete your medical enrollment. This includes creating your new password, agreeing to abide by the membership guidelines, and disclosing any pre-existing conditions. Important note: When making your password, the system requires it to be eight digits and only numbers. A lot of folks choose a birthdate or anniversary date to help remember the password.

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