ICHRA Health Plans

A Better Alternative to Group Health Insurance

What is an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement?

The Basics

New in 2020, ICHRA allows an employer to eliminate group health insurance, completely. Instead, employees use ICHRA funds to pay for the health plan of their own choosing.  Employees get a health benefit that suits their health and financial situation.  A proper ICHRA strategy satisfies both ACA requirements for any size employer. 

An ICHRA can also pay for lower cost employee assistance programs that reimburse employees for some everyday care needs like: Direct primary care, virtual primary care, dental, vision, mental health, and RX benefits. 

Importantly, employees are free to opt-out of the ICHRA and accept an employer’s offer to pay towards a health insurance alternative like Medical Cost Sharing.   So employees are given the choice between health insurance, or this new more affordable alternative.  

Consistently, 75-80% of employees choose the lower cost Sedera medical cost sharing over high deductible health insurance.  At the same time reducing the employer’s cost of group health benefits as much as 20-40%. 

Get in touch and let’s see how much an ICHRA strategy will save your business.

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For Employers

Eliminate group health insurance, forever! 

Happier productive people, because they got a health plan they like.

Close the door on Open Enrollment. Forget about it, for good! 

No huge renewal increases, or raising the deductible, yet again.

Predictable monthly costs 20-40% less than group health. 

Checks both boxes for the Affordable Care Act.

Healthier employees who really appreciate your financial contribution.

ICHRA is replacing Group Health, the way 401K replaced Employer Pensions. 


Benefits They Appreciate

With An ICHRA strategy:

Employees are free to pick a health plan that suits their health and finances. 

Every employee gets unlimited Virtual Primary Care and a 1:1 personal MD.

It’s much more affordable to add dependents and family.

Cost sharing plans drastically reduce the employee’s monthly health cost

Reduce employee’s out of pocket exposure as low as $500 for any incident

Access to any care, anywhere, any time. 

No network restrictions, co-insurance, or no annual limit 

Employees who appreciate the employer’s financial contribution to their health.


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Schedule Your ICHRA Consultation Today

It’s easy to see how an ICHRA could help your business.  Get in touch to find out how much you can save, while giving your people the freedom to choose their own health benefits!

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