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A Better Alternative to Group Health Insurance

What is an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement?

The Basics

ICHRA allows an employer to completely discontinue group health insurance and  simply contribute directly to each employee’s choice of individual health insurance instead.  Done right, an ICHRA strategy complies with ACA for any size employer. 

ICHRA can reimburse employee assistance programs that include: Direct primary care, dental, vision, counseling, and even RX benefits. 

An ICHRA lets employees opt-out to accept an employer contribution towards Sedera medical cost sharing instead.  So they are free to choose health insurance, or this new more affordable way to pay big medical bills.  

Around 75-80% will choose lower cost Sedera over high deductible health insurance.

An ICHRA strategy reduces the cost of offering group health benefits 30-40%. 

Ichra + Medical Cost Sharing
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For Employers (of ANY size!)

 Eliminate Group Health Insurance from your to-do list, forever! 

Employees are happier because they choose any health plan they want.

Close the door on Open Enrollment. Forget about it, for good! 

No ugly renewals or upping the deductible for employees, again.

Predictable monthly cost that’s 30-40% less than traditional group health. 

Checka all the ACA compliance boxes for employers, large and small.

Healthier employees, who really appreciate your financial  contribution. 


Benefits Employees Appreciate

Employees can pick any plan that suits their situation. 

No cost for unlimited Primary Care with a 1:1 personal doctor.

More affordable ways to pay their large medical bills.

Affordably add dependents and family.

Access to any care, anywhere.  No network, co-insurance or annual limit. 

Loyal Employees who appreciate the Employer’s investment in their health.


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Schedule Your ICHRA Consultation Today

It’s easy to see how an ICHRA could help your business.  Get in touch to find out how much you can save, while giving your people the freedom to choose their own health benefits!

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