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Medical Cost Sharing with Sedera

An innovative new way to manage the cost of your healthcare needs. Unlike traditional insurance, you remain in charge of your own healthcare choices, without network restrictions, or surprise uncovered medical bills.  Members commit to a healthy lifestyle and managing their healthcare costs directly. This helps to keep the costs low for everyone in the community.  When the going gets tough, members are able to share the large bills with the community.  

Instead of monthly insurance premiums, our members contribute a regular monthly amount into a community pool.  When a member experiences large medical needs they draw on the community to help pay the bills.  There is no health insurance profit or overhead in the medical cost sharing model.  It’s just one more reason the monthly cost is so much less than most people pay for premiums and out of pocket medical expenses.  Most of our members save around 30 – 60%.

Scoop Health is the best way for individuals and families to enroll in the Sedera medical cost sharing community.  It’s built for people who strive to live a healthy lifestyle, but still need a way to pay for life’s unexpected healthcare needs.

Direct Primary Care 

Membership-based primary care is widely called DPC for short. It’s an innovative new way to manage your family’s personal health matters. Having a DPC doctor takes a separate and optional membership on-top of your Sedera medical cost sharing membership. Sign up with a local DPC doctor to take care of all your everyday care needs and keep you more healthy.  Sedera medical cost sharing is there for all of your large medical needs.

Instead of paying a doctor ‘by the visit’ you pay your own personal DPC doctor a flat monthly membership fee, around $75-85.  As a member it’s almost like having a doctor in your family. These doctors don’t take insurance, and they don’t charge per visit. Instead of making more money as you get sicker, your doctor is incentivised to keep you healthy. 

Because good healthcare doesn’t happen in a 3 minute office visit, DPC doctors use a secure App for ongoing private conversations with you about ongoing health matters large and small.  Your local DPC can also see you in the office if needed.  

DPC Docs offer:

Unlimited office visits

24/7 access to doctor (via phone, App or video)

Low cost labs, x-rays, diagnostic imaging and medications

Same or Next Day Appointments

Chronic care coordination

A discount on your Scoop Health cost sharing membership.  

If you need a hand locating the DPC doctors in your area Scoop Health is here to help with that. Just use the chat bot to ask for help.  

If there is no DPC in your area we can introduce you to (virtual) VDPC alternatives.

Please note: We don’t endorse individual DPC physicians, so please do your homework in selecting one.  A membership with a DPC doctor is not associated with Scoop Health or Sedera.   We just work great together. 

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