Medical Cost Sharing

An Insurance Alternative That's Saving Employers Thousands

The Basics

Freedom From Network Limitations – See Any Doctor or Hospital You Choose

Sharing Begins as Low as $500 per Need

Big Savings Over Health Insurance – Typically 30-50% Less Expensive

Needs Are Shared With The Community 

1 Million Members / 1$ Billion in Sharing Industry Wide

Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

How It Works: Video




With traditional insurance, our employees continually felt like they made less and less money because their insurance kept going up. Every year we would have to water down our coverage because of the 10-15% increase. Not with Sedera.

Rick Rodgers - Crowder RV

Now having entered our third year with Sedera Health, I can confidently say Sedera is an excellent option to drive down healthcare costs for my business and employees while providing a high- quality healthcare solution.

Jeff Peek - Peek, Toland and Castañeda

I am supremely thankful for how Sedera goes about business and I definitely feel that you put the client first.

Kevin Castaneda - Reality Church

Sedera helps us put our employees first. Being a part of a healthcare sharing community keeps our employees healthy and relieves their financial burden. Before Sedera we were only able to pay 50-60%, and now we are able to pay 100% which provides more disposable income for them. When you compare our previous healthcare experience with joining the Sedera community, the difference is tremendous. There’s no doubt in my mind we made the right choice for our team.

Laz Garza - Aztec Bolting

Membership includes

Medical Cost Sharing

Membership in an affordable medical cost sharing model that is high quality, simple and supportive.  An alternative to health insurance with lower monthly costs, and a community based approach to funding member's large medical needs. 

Personal Member Advisor

Advisors on-call to work with members everyday questions and needs. From finding the best doctor for the kids or getting a better price on medications, their job is to ensure each member has a positive experience and gets the results possible from the Sedera sharing community.



Membership includes unlimited access to board-certified and licensed physicians available by phone or video chat. These doctors can assess the situation and prescribe medications when appropriate.


Expert Second Opinion

Members with a serious diagnosis or treatment have free access to SecondMD for an expert second opinions. They can discuss their diagnosis directly with some of the best doctors in the world via phone or video consultation.  Getting a second opinion helps members to have peace of mind and the best medical guidance with no travel, paperwork or cost.


Employers Typically Save 30-60%. Ready to Find Out How Much You’ll Save?

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