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During a pandemic, franchisees worry about 3 things: Family, Health and Money. 

Right now, if you don’t have health insurance it feels like the walls are closing in on you because all 3 are at risk. Many franchisees are afraid of catching the virus and then going broke to paying bills to cure it.   

Before COVID:  The high cost of health insurance was almost laughable, so much so that going without it seemed like the right choice. You were able to hire and keep great employees just by paying a good wage. 

After COVID:  The importance of having a plan for your healthcare needs has never been more obvious. You know it’s true for you and your family and your employees feel it too. When it comes to hiring the best people for the job, benefits just became a much bigger part of the discussion. 

,But let’s face it – health insurance premiums, deductibles and out of pocket costs are just too high.

Scoop Health offers an exciting alternative to over-priced health insurance called medical cost sharing. It’s built for franchisees, families, and employees. Instead of paying an insurance company, members share a regular monthly contribution with the community. When big medical needs come up, members are able to draw on the community’s pooled resources to help with the bills.

Theres no insurance hassle, no network restrictions, and no annual caps. 

Our members save 30 – 50% when compared to health insurance and enrollment is open year-round.


These Firms Have Joined The Movement

The Basics

Big Savings Over Health Insurance – Typically 30-50% Less Expensive

Freedom From Network Limitations – See Any Doctor or Hospital You Choose

Sharing Begins as Low as $500 per Need

Needs Are Shared With The Community 

1 Million Members / 1$ Billion in Sharing Industry Wide

Promotes Healthy Lifestyles

Here’s what members say

Extra Membership Benefits


24/7 Telemedicine

Members have unlimited access to board-certified doctors and clinical staff by phone or video, 24/7.  Medical professionals who can  help you assess your situation to offer advice and prescribe medications.


Expert Second Opinions

Members facing a serious diagnosis or procedure get expert second opinions from SecondMD for free. Where you can explore your diagnosis and options directly some of the best doctors in the world by video. It adds clarity, confidence and peace of mind with your course of treatment. You get an unbiased expert physicians perspective on your situation with no travel, no paperwork, and no cost. 


How It Works: Video


I'm saving over $3,000 per year because I found Scoop Health through a friend. What's even better is that I realize this is such a better solution than health  insurance. It's better for my healthcare needs!

John L

This whole process has been a lot to learn, but it just makes perfect sense.  I love how I am always connected to a person and never an automated voice thing. She always knows who I am. I don’t have to re-explain everything and that is amazing.


Scoop Health gave me a whole new perspective on how healthcare should be paid for.  I used to be health insurance all the way.  Now I am using medical cost sharing for my family, but I've offered it for my best employees as well.

Roger C

You’re definitely friendlier on the phone [than insurance]. I want to call you again just to talk to you. I got all the information I needed in 5 minutes. Just getting to speak with someone in health insurance takes forever. You addressed all my issues and I have 2 hours back in my day.  You should put that in your marketing materials.

Jakub S

  Lets MaKE your franchise Healthy AGAIN.


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