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Fortune 500 founder,  ER visionary and advocate for fair and transparent healthcare.

Art Goetze – Story

Scoop Health was started by a serial entrepreneur Art Goetze,  who’s first attempt at fixing healthcare set-off an explosion of freestanding ERs across the US.  ‘I truly believed we were solving a critical issue in healthcare with freestanding ERs’.  But even with ER wait times cut in half and more saved lives ‘we were only treating the symptoms’.  It wasn’t the cure for the ills of healthcare.

The ER provided a court-side seat to the extremes of a broken healthcare system, and 40 years of hyper-inflation fueled by insurance driven medicine. The waste, overhead, and excess was shocking.  He decided to sell the business when the big Wall Street insurance companies began forcing crippling medical bills on families who couldn’t afford to pay. He knew then, that there had to be a better way.

He saw that the only solution was to restore the traditional consumer in healthcare.  So he next launched a membership-based Direct Primary Care membership organization.  Providing unlimited access to a personal physician, advanced technology made everyday patients into savvy consumers of health care.  But DPC members still had a problem paying for catastrophic healthcare expenses.

Art searched for a clear alternative to bad health insurance. He discovered that Medical Cost Sharing had been quietly working in the Christian community for 30 years. But he needed a catastrophic solution that worked for everyday people whether they went to church, or not.

Sedera Health was an easy choice.  They had 25 years of medical claims experience and leadership in the medical cost sharing community. ‘But most of all, I chose Sedera because of the amazing people and our shared dedication to fixing the system and provide access to affordable quality healthcare for everyone’. 

The sharing economy has shocked and improved our world in many incredible ways. It has transformed old-school industries, like hospitality and taxis for example. Together, Scoop Health and Sedera aim to bust-up bad health Insurance as the next wave in the sharing revolution.

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