Art Goetze 

Founder and CEO

Fortune 500 founder,  ER innovator, and Healthcare fixer

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Art’s Story


Art is the picture of a serial entrepreneur.  His past ventures include numerous commercial real estate syndications and a personal passion project called the Texas Rock Gym.  Art is well known for the rollup company he co-founded, Encompass Services.  The firm hit 3 big milestones in its first year: $1B in sales, a NYSE listing, and the Fortune 500.  Over the next 3 years Art and his team acquired 220 companies, 36,000 employees, with 10,000 service vehicles rolling around 300 metro markets.  So he decided to take some chips off the table and pursue other ventures.    

Art’s first investment in healthcare changed the face of emergency medicine and led to an explosion of freestanding emergency rooms.  As the CEO of Emergency Health Centers Art designed and delivered the first community based, non-hospital emergency centers in the US.  Since that time average ER wait times in Texas have dropped from well over 24 hours to under 4 hours, saving countless lives.

Art likes to say, ‘I had a front-row seat to the train wreck’ of systemic failures and hyperinflation of an insurance driven healthcare system. The waste, overhead, and excess was alarming.  He experienced first hand what happens when profit minded insurance companies put profits before patients. As they denied coverage as not an emergency or out of network, forcing the unpaid ER bills on families who thought they had protection.  

The ER taught him that putting the ‘Customer’ back in the driver seat is the secret to a fixing the healthcare system.  To get around the perverse influences of fee for service care and big health insurance Art started a membership-based Direct Primary Care practice in Houston.  Unlimited care from a dedicated personal physician for a single monthly fee.  Like having a doctor in your family with all the advantages of today’s  technology. This new model makes everyday patients into highly informed ‘customers’ of health care (with a doctor by their side). 

Knowing that these DPC members were still at risk for catastrophic health events Art went searching for a better alternative to traditional health insurance. He learned how Medical Cost Sharing had been working in the Christian community for 35 years. He met Dr. Tony Dale and Sedera Health who were thinking the same way.  He partnered with Sedera, ‘because of the amazing people and our shared vision to fix healthcare for everyone’. 

The sharing economy has disrupted industries and giants, it has improved our world in incredible ways.  In the next wave, Scoop Health and Sedera aim to disrupt and replace health Insurance, and put customers in charge of their own care.


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