Art Goetze 

Founder and CEO

Fortune 500 founder,  ER innovator, and Healthcare fixer

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Art’s Story


Scoop Health began with an entrepreneur on a mission to fix healthcare.  Art’s first effort resulted in an explosion of freestanding emergency rooms. These independent ER’s saved many lives and solved an important problem in healthcare. Important yes, but 24-hour wait times were just a symptom of a much larger problem in healthcare. A clue to Art’s larger discovery became the company’s tagline: ‘Treating the customer in every patient’. 

The ER offered a front-row seat to the systemic failures and hyperinflation from an insurance driven system. The wasted resources, empty overhead, and excessive treatment was alarming. Fee-for-service providers and profit minded Wall Street types were putting profits before patients. Big insurance companies denied ‘out of network’ ER bills and piled bills on families that couldn’t afford to pay.  Art finally gave in to the pressure from the big health insurance firms and sold to an in-network hospital system.

It was clear that re-engaging the ‘Customer’ was the secret to a fixing the healthcare system. With this in mind, he went to work where health insurance wasn’t smack in the middle of health care. He started a membership based Direct Primary Care healthcare practice. Members got unlimited care from a dedicated personal physician for a low monthly fee.  It feels like having a doctor in your family, with all the advantages of modern technology. This new model turned everyday patients into highly informed ‘customers’ of health care. Unfortunately, these members were still at risk for catastrophic health events.

He learned how Medical Cost Sharing had been working in the Christian community for 30 years. He discovered Dr. Tony Dale and Sedera Health who were thinking the same way.  He partnered up with Sedera, ‘because of the amazing people and a shared vision to fix healthcare for everyone’. 

The sharing economy has disrupted industries and giants, it has improved our world in incredible ways.  In the next wave of sharing, Scoop Health and Sedera aim to disrupt health Insurance and put customers in charge of their own care.


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